“Insert quote here”

There was a ‘motivational’ poster in my maths classroom of a cat hanging from a tree with the caption “Hang in there”, I think it’s quite a famous poster & although it won’t evoke the same emotions as Martin Luther King’s “I have a dream” speech it pulled me through many a 45minute lesson.

“When a man takes an oath, he is holding his own self in his hands, like water and if he opens his fingers then he needn’t hope to find himself again”. This is a quote from Sir Thomas Moore in ‘A man for all seasons’ and the long and short of it is; if you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.

Currently in your head you’re thinking ‘why is she telling me this?’

The point of this digression is that if I was asked to cite any quote I’d be stomped with these two, yet I’m constantly inundated with them. We’ve all seen it, the beautiful landscape images with profound and meaningful quotes adorned across them. Scroll through any social medium and you will at least come across two (minimum) at a time. These images are positioned between people’s hot dog leg holiday photos & silly cat videos. Therefore am I really going to change the trajectory of my life after reading these? Chances are slim but not only are the medium of these quotes oh so wrong but their misplacement from context renders them meaningless.

Any way the fact that I’m even suggesting that these quotes were even meant to inspire is ridiculous. No, no no quotes have taken on far more meaning these days, they are now cryptic dagger messages. If you want to let your friend/other half that they’ve royally fucked you off, type #quote into Instagram or Pinterest, you’ll be sure to find something there.

Yes, there are many people today and of the past that are inspirational and I’ve spoken to people who believe that in this increasing secular world having something at your fingertips which is uplifting is a valued resource. Despite public perception changing (you only have to type ‘Inspirational quotes are…’ into Google) I can’t see them leaving our news feeds any time soon and alas I will have to learn to…‘Keep calm and Carry on’

“Insert quote here”

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