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There was a ‘motivational’ poster in my maths classroom of a cat hanging from a tree with the caption “Hang in there”, I think it’s quite a famous poster & although it won’t evoke the same emotions as Martin Luther King’s “I have a dream” speech it pulled me through many a 45minute lesson.

“When a man takes an oath, he is holding his own self in his hands, like water and if he opens his fingers then he needn’t hope to find himself again”. This is a quote from Sir Thomas Moore in ‘A man for all seasons’ and the long and short of it is; if you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.

Currently in your head you’re thinking ‘why is she telling me this?’

The point of this digression is that if I was asked to cite any quote I’d be stomped with these two, yet I’m constantly inundated with them. We’ve all seen it, the beautiful landscape images with profound and meaningful quotes adorned across them. Scroll through any social medium and you will at least come across two (minimum) at a time. These images are positioned between people’s hot dog leg holiday photos & silly cat videos. Therefore am I really going to change the trajectory of my life after reading these? Chances are slim but not only are the medium of these quotes oh so wrong but their misplacement from context renders them meaningless.

Any way the fact that I’m even suggesting that these quotes were even meant to inspire is ridiculous. No, no no quotes have taken on far more meaning these days, they are now cryptic dagger messages. If you want to let your friend/other half that they’ve royally fucked you off, type #quote into Instagram or Pinterest, you’ll be sure to find something there.

Yes, there are many people today and of the past that are inspirational and I’ve spoken to people who believe that in this increasing secular world having something at your fingertips which is uplifting is a valued resource. Despite public perception changing (you only have to type ‘Inspirational quotes are…’ into Google) I can’t see them leaving our news feeds any time soon and alas I will have to learn to…‘Keep calm and Carry on’

“Insert quote here”

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 Firstly I recommend you read this while listening too ‘Julep-Punch Brothers’ and if you’re a really slow reader ‘Writing on the wall- Bear’s Den spotify sessions curated by Jim Emo’ both on spotify.

I thought I’d put on my best posey face today and show what graces my face makeup wise if I’m forced to participate in the real world (this is anything outside the four walls of my house and in clothing other than my beloved Garfield pjs).
I may as well start from the base (cause it’s all about the base ‘bout that base). I worked the ‘Revlon photo-ready and anti-shine primer’ into the centre of my face, with the best makeup tool ever… my fingertips. This product has made it into the makeup rotation by default as my favourite primer ‘Benefit porefessional’ is running low and I want to save it for ‘special occasions’, whenever that is. I am the only one that does this?
Next product up is ‘YSL perfect touch radiance brush foundation’ in 04 sand; I have a love/hate relationship with this product. Hate… the packaging (there is a brush attached) not only does this mean a lot of the product is wasted in the brush but it’s not hygienic as the brush can’t be removed and washed. Also £38.00 for 40ml of product? Ain’t nobody got money for that little product YSL.
Despite this, I repurchase as it’s a full coverage foundation that lasts all day without that horrid ‘mask’ feeling that some full coverage foundations have. It also does as it says on the bottle and gives a ‘radiant glow’. Which can’t be knocked if you’re like me and often find yourself in the small hours of the morning watching Netflix. Another must if your ‘that’ person (no judgement) is an under eye brightener. I have hereditary under eye circles (thanks dad) so this is lashed on. ‘Estee Lauder Brush-on Glow highlighter’ in 2W Light/Medium (warm) is yellow toned so for me it cancels on the blueish tones under my eyes disguising all my late night ‘Buffy the vampire’ binges. It also doesn’t settle in fine lines causing that dreaded creasing. Therefore making this young twenty-three year old look her age, so one might be able to try and get away with that child’s train ticket.
Eyes and eyebrows- I have one shadow to thank and that is the dark matte shadow from ‘Benefit’s- Big beautiful eyes’ (swatch inserted below and yes I am that white). This shadow is highly pigmented so I suggest to gently levitating your brush over this shadow and that’ll be enough! Then blend, blend and blend some more… that is all. Using this shadow and a fine angled eyeliner brush, I attempt my brows. Firstly by outlining the brows and then working any leftover product into the gaps, finishing off by blending any harsh lines. Any unruly hairs are set in place with ‘Benefits –Gimme brow’. Brows on fleek.
This next step is hit or miss and is entirely reliant on whether I decide to watch ‘Frasier’ for ten minutes and enjoy my porridge or ‘get her down me’. ‘Maxfactor Excess Longwear eyeliner’ in charcoal is brilliant if you do fancy lining your eyes. I only line my top water line as I feel lining my bottom water line closes my eyes in making them appear smaller. I then smudge this out for that little ‘something, something’.
Now on to my ‘holy grail’, ‘if you were shipwrecked to the desert and could only take one product’ product ‘L’Oreal telescopic mascara’. It ticks all my boxes for mascara, voluminises, lengthens, no fall out and nice separation. Just try it that’s all I can say.
I’m pale… very pale so to avoid being constantly asked ‘are you feeling ok today?’ one needs to bronze up the face. ‘Bourjois bronzing primer’ does this quite nicely, this whipped mousse formula blends well, gives a nice glow and a bit of cheek bone definition to a rather round face. Kim contour at 8am, it’s a no from me.
All this is set in place with the cheap as chips ‘High definition powder’ from elf, once again a little goes along way, too much could lead to possible questions on drug use. But this powder will for sure keep sheen at bay all day. On the lips a trusty nude which is drink proof and kiss proof (jokes I’m a lone wolfpack). I love this opaque gloss from ‘Lancôme in ‘210’’ (Swatched below).
This whole face paint has been perfected in a record timing of twenty minutes; I’ll accept praise for this… as you should be impressed.
A x



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Things you would tell your thirteen year old self.

Many would say you’re 22 (coming 23 in a few days)… what would someone who finds themselves in the ‘twenty something’ age bracket know about mistakes or even have idioms of wisdom to offer? Maybe it’s the impending birthday or the personality trait of someone who has a tendency to over think. But recently my daydreams have drifted towards the question…

Hypothetically speaking, if you could go back in time and meet yourself 10 years ago, what advice would you give yourself for the years ahead?

I invite you to picture yourself ten years ago!

For myself, I visualise ‘Aisling’- school uniform, badly styled hair, with a diamante clip wedged at the front to keep a thick unflattering fringe at bay! I’d say on my hobbit feet, I’d be supporting clumpy ‘mammy approved’ shoes. I like to call this period B.M. –aka before make-up, overall my image perfectly epitomised a ‘goodie-two shoes’ (think Mia Thermopolis pre-princess makeover) and I was more than self-aware of this…

This leads me onto my first point, prepare yourself for a cliché; ‘don’t care about what other people think’ if you’re happy with your choice, your opinion, your actions, then it really doesn’t matter what anybody thinks. Those who care about you will support you in your decision if not straight away, eventually and sometimes they’ll just have to tolerate that choice, hairstyle or tattoo; because they love you.

This also applies to when you’ve messed up and made a mistake. I’m not condoning that you should make reckless decisions and not care about the consequences for others. In these instances, you will know yourself when you’ve messed up, so apologise, do your best to make it right and then move on. Don’t beat yourself up about it, life is too short. (I’m thinking there is a potential to create some form of drinking game with the amount of clichés I’ve used in this short post)

That boy/girl that didn’t work out,that disco you weren’t able to go too. It’s NOT the end of the world. I distinctly remember an incident when 13 year old Aisling wasn’t allowed to go to a local disco and in retaliation she slammed a lot of doors and played Kelly Clarkson ‘Miss independent’ at full blast for an hour. Save yourself that embarrassment. Your dad will remind you of this a lot. #dramaqueen?

In regards to the ridiculous clothes, shoes and makeup, if you love it, buy it, because it will only haunt you. These outfit/beauty faux-pas’ make for some hilarious photograph viewing in future years. Plus early teenage years are probably the only time you are ever going to get away with multi-coloured eye shadow and sequined halter-neck tops, so why not?

Do Erasmus, take that gap year, grasp every opportunity to travel and take pictures. I am a self-admitted procrastinator who is well acquainted with the statement- ‘I’ll do it later’. I’ll take that photo later or I’ll take that trip later. Do it now, take the trip now, you’ll never be as young and you’ll never have enough money, or the freedom you have now. Also stop worrying about looking like a tourist when taking that photo/selfie. Like I said in my first point, who cares!

The most important relationship you’ll ever have is with yourself, honour your inner child, be happy with yourself, ‘treat yo’ self’. Being able to spend time with yourself and be happy in your own person is a lifelong journey- no time like the present to start. Find what makes you happy, the sooner the better.

Finally; enjoy, be grateful and try to find something good in every day.

I’m not claiming to be a life expert, I’m fumbling through like us all and unfortunately time travel doesn’t exist. Thus, we all have to go through the trials and tribulations to ‘learn about life’. However if the situation, I have presented could come true and you could share some wisdom with your younger self, what would it be and would you?

A x

Things you would tell your thirteen year old self.